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We believe that fundraising is a people-oriented process; people give to people.

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People give to people. Appropriate cultivation and "friend-raising" activities are essential pre-requisites to both the recruitment of effective leadership and the request for funds.

We believe successful fundraising is a sales dynamic. People give because they are asked. Success requires the effective marketing of an institution's mission and services, educating its constituents and motivating its leadership to compete for a donor's attention and financial support.

We believe a fundraising campaign should be a positive and dignified experience. It should improve the image and reputation of an institution and offer an opportunity for people to see the merits of a project and volunteers to participate as campaign leaders and donors without pressure, and that fundraising goals should not only be obtainable, but generously oversubscribed.

Our Services

Fundraising Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Our unique and comprehensive approach to campaign planning, management, and direction ensures successful campaigns. Mainspring Charities provides campaign management, monitoring, strategy, direction and reporting throughout the fundraising process.

Major Gifts Acceleration

Major Gift Acceleration

Mainspring Charities has significant experience in designing, managing and enhancing major gift programs.


Mainspring Charities assists in the identification of mutually beneficial opportunities and partnerships to enhance and strengthen existing relationships, as well as pursue and strategize new partnership opportunities.